About the Swantown Panorama

This panoramic view of Swantown Marina is a composite of 170 separate digital photographs taken at five second intervals, within the past half-hour. These images are stitched together into a single image, and then split into over 2,000 separate "tiles" which are reassembled by your browser at the time the image is being viewed on your PC, tablet or phone. Breaking the very large panorama down into small pieces makes it possible to display the entire panorama at various "zoom-able" resolutions at reasonable speed.

Because it takes about thirty minutes to collect the 170 digital images, which are taken in a series of 5 rows of 34 pictures each, there will be some strange "artifacts" visible in the final panorama. For example, where a sailboat is captured in one row, and gone by the time the camera pans back over that area, all you'll see in the panorama is a sail sticking out of the water -- a little disconcerting, but at least now you know why...

There are two versions of the panorama created to accommodate various viewing devices. For Microsoft Windows machines, Adobe Flash is used; for Apple IOS, Android and some other devices, the HTML-5 protocol is used. You don't need to know which is correct for your device; the server will sense the correct technology needed to display the image. The method used to zoom in and out and pan the imager, are, however, different for the two display devices.

The Flash version allows you to zoom in and out by rolling the wheel on your mouse. Additionally, you can pan across the image by "clicking and dragging" with your left mouse button, or by using the miniature image at the top left of the screen to drag the display around. There are a set of controls on the bottom of the screen that can also be used for panning and zooming.

Apple and Android devices will use the HTML-5 version. This version works with multi-touch "pinch-to- zoom". Alternatively, you can zoom in and out using the "A" and "Z" keys, or the controls on the bottom of the screen.